Cleanliness- our pursuit of open space, sharp angles, and organized areas.

Our living spaces are a direct reflection of ourselves. A cluttered mind is typically surrounded with cluttered spaces, and vice versa. But why do we insist on organization and effective use of space? Because we have been effectively removing ourselves from the chaos of the natural world for many generations. The rabble of plant life and detritus of the wild, ordered randomly to our eyes, is a reminder of the dark spheres of history from which we came.

Unorganized spaces are stressful to most, because they lack a sense of control. Items are scattered. Floors become minefields. Walls become support beams for belongings. Ground clearance is used to jam things beneath. Effectively dispersing, rather than accounting for possession. With the ineffable motions of the cosmos, and the constant friction of modern life, it can seem impossible to maintain order of ourselves, and in turn, our surroundings.

Cleanliness can be draining, for it is a constant struggle. Dust collects, clothes are changed, decisions are made in a hurry. Systems of organization, and a collective knowledge of placement can be helpful, but it comes down to the time and energy we decide to spend on the matter. How much disorganization and clutter can we cope with? How clean must we be before we border on a detrimental disorder?

We yearn for what we do not find in our previously uncivilized settings. We enjoy sharp lines, right angles, and orderly settings. They make us feel more evolved. These environments give us a sense of control through effective manipulation of the material world. Powerful beings with opposable thumbs. Capable of dragging and dropping as we see fit. Refraining from using our gifts, results in a disorder of our surroundings which will eventually hinder our ability to accomplish our goals.

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