I Guess

So many experiences to be had. Sights to see. Flavors to taste. Textures to feel. Aromas to smell. Sounds to be heard. More than I could possibly sample in a lifetime. Or even ten lifetimes for that matter. So many places to go. So many people to meet. So many wonders to behold. How can I possibly choose?

Some sensations occur by chance, and others occur by choice. In reality, my brain is making an educated guess as to what is going on. We are all hallucinating constantly, and when our brains agree, we call it “reality.” I stole this concept from a neuroscientist’s TedTalk, but it is a modern discord on Descartes’ infamous statement: “I think, therefore I am.”

We can’t possibly discern what is real, and what is not, with absolute concrete proof. The only thing that I know to be true, is my existence. I exist. Who am “I” though? A compilation of biological makeup and chemical reactions? A soul trapped in a physical sphere? It matters not, and it is up to me to provide meaning to the entire procession.

We are creating our reality as we go. When we truly take advantage of this fact, we see just how much freedom we truly have. We are not constrained by anything but our own self-constructed limitations. Hold your goals in your mind’s eye, take action, and maintain belief. Leap, and the ledge will appear. Your mind will take care of the rest, and more times than not, will make the exact guess you were looking for.

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

Searching for the meaning of life, while doing my best to make the most of it.

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