Ah, Dhude…

Mind's time for an altered state
A couple rips would be great
Piece, lighter, and my flowers
Smokey haze to pass the hours 

Shred the petals off the stem
THC-my favorite chem 
Bowl's packed, let's get it started 
Take the high road..still uncharted 

Flick the flame, and start the fire 
Ripping nugs? Frequent flyer  
Green goes red, and then to black 
Inhale hard, no turning back

Hold it in 'til face turns red
Lungs are burnt, I think I'm dead 
Blow it out with smooth relief
Oh so high.. beyond belief 

All senses on high alert..
Never felt a softer shirt 
My god, are these nachos good 
Sip my soda..really should

Mouth is dry..fields of cotton
What's today? I've forgotten
Pump jams while I crush these chips 
Slow-motion life..from those rips 

What a feeling..can't be beat
Highest man you'll ever meet
Feeling drowsy..time to nap
A few more rips..that's a wrap

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

Searching for the meaning of life, while doing my best to make the most of it.

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