So Lucky

Clouds drape the distant treetops. Sunlight punctures the sky with streams of gold. Flags flap in the breeze as birds flitter to and fro. Squirrels perform on their treetop trapezes. A red cardinal zips by as the blue plumage of a jay nestles into the undergrowth. A crested woodpecker hammers into a dead branch. Chickadees peep through the dense foliage, echoing each other in a cheery tone. A hawk slips overhead, sending the congregation into a collective panic.

A heron labors into the air with heavy strokes and beats down the river. Ducks race each other across the horizon with tremendous speed, jockeying for position closest to a fleeing female. Nature’s chorus hums near and far, creating a spectacularly intricate symphony. Winter’s plot to strangle the life out of the scene has been foiled by featherweight fighters.┬áSigns of a healthy ecosystem saturate the landscape.

What a boring setting the world would be without nature’s creatures. Organic boredom. Awe-inspiring beauty without a cast. Luckily, the playwright has gifted us with an array of talented and diverse characters; all of which play their role with a necessary exactness allowing for a fluid evolution. What a beautiful and perfect creation which we have been gifted the chance to experience.

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

Searching for the meaning of life, while doing my best to make the most of it.

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