Feel your pulse: the rhythmic thumping, flooding our bodies with life. Our circulatory, nervous, and respiratory systems work in unison to fuel our continued existence. They flood our brain with blood, and oxygen, and help fire synapses which allow us to not only perceive our surroundings but also to maneuver ourselves through time and space. What a beautifully intricate system. It works so well in fact, that until it is in need of repair, we scarcely remember that it is working day and night to sustain us.

The moment we take a step back and appreciate its delicate complexity is the same moment in which we must realize that the entire universe depends on similar systems of rhythm and motion. The ineffable creation, guidance, and continuation on a massive scale is a preponderance, which I believe, will never be fully understood. We are but fractals of the whole; set to a finite system, playing our necessary part, and condensing back into the universal soup of life. Perfect.

Author: canyoufeelthevibes

Searching for the meaning of life, while doing my best to make the most of it.

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