“Half of the people you meet were in the bottom 50% of their high school class.” That statement rings truer to me now, more than ever. A majority of people, just don’t have a fucking clue. It’s glorious. Naivety and ignorance don’t even begin to describe the state of the modern populous. It’s actually hilarious when you take a step back and look at it. People know more about celebrities, professional sports teams, and TV characters than they do about anything else on the planet. It’s beautiful. And depressing. But also hilarious.

It’s like walking through a field of dunces. A big field. With lots of dunces. Sheeple. Lots of sheeple. Talking to one another in sheeple speak, about sheeple things. Talking about things they’ve been told and convinced are important. The world would stop spinning if they didn’t talk about the Kardashians or the LA Lakers. Obviously. Mindless. Fucking. Dribble. All of it.

I assume it’s the only way that people can find meaning these days. They find connection and inclusion with mass media. They are a part of a global tribe of consumers. That’s what the world has come to? Honestly? The developed world at least…the remainder is still in filth and poverty. They struggle with poverty, while the developed world is so used to excess, that they no longer have anything to worry about. With no worries, they are free to buy into whatever they please. The struggle for survival has turned into a struggle to find meaning.

What do people actually need these days? Food, shelter, and clothing obviously. But, what do they need outside of that? Most people have a small group of friends, “go out” occasionally, and take trips. But, where does the void come from? Is it due to a lack of close bonds that humans relied upon for millennia to survive? Now, the state/system has you covered. You don’t need your family and friends. You need to be an individual. And if you’re a good individual, the state will have your back. Healthcare, insurance, food, shelter, clothing. Anything you need.

I really don’t know. Sometimes, I try to look at the earth through a simulated “overview” effect. I try to look at the world as a blue marble floating in space. No borders. No boundaries. No view of society’s trivial nature. None of it really matters I suppose. The earth will still be here, even when humans are gone. I guess the meaning of it all, is that there is no meaning. Society has constructed itself out of the mud of our primitive upbringing, and everyone has bought in. It’s the only thing that keeps the ball rolling. It’s the glue that keeps us relatively peaceful, I suppose. Beats worrying about a neighboring tribe raping, pillaging, and plundering your village. Actually, I guess that’s still the case, but on a much larger scale.

Unless globalism already has the world in a stranglehold. I believe it does. Look around. Look at how much movies gross in the box office. Look at how many people watched the World Cup. Ask someone if they watched the Super Bowl last year. It’s comical. Nobody thinks for themselves anymore. We’re all a bunch of drooling babies, being force-fed a globalist, consumerist, capitalist agenda. All of us. We’ve all been thoroughly brainwashed. I want out. I want out of this closed system. That’s all I really know.

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