Getting Ahead

For the first time in my academic career, I am actually a few weeks ahead of the syllabus. I have always been prone to waiting until the last minute to complete tasks, but I am finally turning in assignments far in advance of their due dates. It’s a foreign feeling, to say the least. There’s no tangible sensation of stress or anxiety, and it would actually be very difficult for me to fall behind. Essentially, because of a few weeks with my nose to the grindstone, I will only continue to get further and further ahead if I maintain this pace for the remainder of the semester.

It makes me realize how much unnecessary stress I put myself through in high school, and especially in college. It also makes me realize how much better my grades could have been, had I made the conscious effort to be a diligent student. I suppose I fell into bad habits that I could, for the most part, get away with. Getting ahead not only reduces the stress of the semester but also allows me to spend adequate time on subjects. It frees up time and energy to learn more than if I was rushing to complete assignments. This may sound obvious, but for someone who has never been ahead in their coursework, I am truly amazed at how much more fun learning can be when you’re ahead of the curve.

I have finished a condensed four-week course, and have three weeks left of a condensed seven-week course. After that, I will have three full-semester classes to finish, along with another condensed four-week class beginning on 10/27. The rest of the fall and winter will be busy, but I’ll also be halfway finished with my accreditation and all of my credits will count towards my master’s degree. In the meantime, I’m just going to try to keep getting ahead.


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