Growth Mindset/Incremental Intelligence

Last night marked the end of my first semester of classes since December of 2014. I finished with a 4.0 in my graduate courses, and I am essentially halfway done with a teaching accreditation/Master’s degree. The weeks were long but the semester was short. I’m happy to have tied up the semester so nicely. 

It is incredible to see how differently I approach learning and education than I did in my past. I had certainly been an “entity” intelligence…meaning that I believed my intelligence was fixed, and that I was ‘good’ at some things or ‘bad’ at others. I have made the fundamental switch to becoming an “incremental” intelligence…meaning that I believe that with enough time and effort, I can master any task or material that I encounter. 

Does this method increase my intelligence? Not necessarily. But, it certainly helps with my perspective and process for learning and experience. It reminds me to constantly view all of my experiences (good and bad) as opportunities for learning and growth. Possessing a growth/incremental mindset is a vital component to success in any endeavor. Without it, we are sure to limit ourselves, crumble under pressure, and fail to reach our goals.

I think this fundamental shift in my approach has made a significant difference in my effectiveness as a student and teacher. Conveying this concept is easier said than done (especially to an entity intelligence). I truly believe that the sooner a person possesses a growth mindset, the further and faster they will go in life. With this approach, no time is wasted. Connections can be drawn from seemingly unrelated facets of life, relationships can be formed from an endless variety of information, and all events possess the potential for growth. 

Each and every second that we are consciously aware, is an opportunity to examine our surroundings. Take a closer look. Step back and observe the “big picture.” Philosophize on your existence and the existence of others. It is impossible to know everything. The best we can manage to do is to constantly explore, continually learn about, and routinely question our inner selves, the world around us, and the causes and effects of their constant interactions.  2019 is right around the corner, and I’m actually pleasantly pleased with how this past year has gone. I certainly have loftier goals for the upcoming year, and I’m excited to pursue them. 

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