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I constantly find myself thinking about the synchronicity of the universe. For our home planet, it means our consistent orbit and rotation around our closest star. It is difficult to determine earthly matters as anything but trivial. We are so infinitesimally small. The universe is so inexplicably big. Our daily routines, habits, interests, loves, hates, and relationships fall into a universal void when the true “big picture” is put into focus. Does any of it truly matter? What does it all mean?

As anyone who has taken the time to determine their place in the universe will tell you, our lives our inherently meaningless, to the degree that nothing we do will throw the universe off of its course. The upside to our tiny lives, is the simplicity. We can cause tremendous change on Earth, and the ripple effects of which will reverberate for potentially centuries to come. We have the capability to create meaning for the innately meaningless, which is our most powerful blessing.

We are here. We are alive. We are conscious. And if we are self-aware, we have the power to create the change that we wish to see in the world. It may sound generic, and it may seem cliche, but it is our duty as citizens of this planet to make it a better place before our lives come to an end. Instead of becoming another sheep in the flock, and following the lead of others, become your own shepherd and create your own following.

People are looking for leaders. They are looking for guidance. And most likely, they are looking for answers. Become the light that people are seeking, and shine as brightly as possible. Like moths to a flame, people will naturally be attracted to your spiritual luminescence.

Don’t be confused, however. The road to self-awareness and self-mastery is not easy. It is the most difficult path that a person can take. If it was easy, nobody would need help. The first step is connecting with your eternal spirit. The second step is strengthening that connection to the degree that others take notice. The third step is teaching others to find the connection with themselves. The fourth step is reaching a level of spirituality that transcends earthly limitations. The final step is nirvana, perfect bliss, heaven, etc. Is the final step possible? Very few can give up the attachments that keep us on this vibration or frequency, but those who do achieve eternal happiness. Can you?

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Searching for the meaning of life, while doing my best to make the most of it.

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