Every time I click the “write” button on this site, I am transported to an altered state of consciousness. My fingers tap out sentence after sentence in an almost trance-like state. I’m not sure how or why, but I almost instantaneously achieve a “flow” state of mind. Why? Why am I like this? Why not instruments or painting or singing? Maybe I just haven’t spent enough time on anything else. However, this is what I enjoy doing and I’m going to continue to do it to the best of my ability.

So, here I am again-tapping out sentences and wondering where the stream of consciousness is coming from. Should I be spending eight hours a day writing? I’m not sure. I write when I feel the spark of creativity surge within me. Recently, I have struggled with conceptualizing long pieces. There is a lack of deep interest. I’m not going to force the issue. I’m just going to continue to write as it comes to me. Or maybe not.

I’m thinking about beginning a new book on October 1st, and finishing it by the new year. What it will be about, I am unsure. Something will come to me, and I’m going to run with it. I have already decided. Will it be forcing the issue? Perhaps. Will the book be terrible or a complete bore? Maybe. But, I will be getting back into the groove of writing. That’s the key-writing every day. I have been on a good streak recently in terms of blogging, but I have yet to begin a long work since the completion of my first novella. I am going to try again on October 1st. The flow state will give me everything I need. I hope…

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