Half of A Second Late

It takes half of a second for our visual cortex to process information. Essentially, these words were written a half second before I saw them appear on the page. Right? So, basically we’re always living in the past. Or so it may not seem. The processing is so fluid that was it not for modern neuroscience, we would never know. What does this mean for our lives? Does it have an impact on our free will? Or does it prove that we are hardwired for a destiny that we cannot escape?

I like to think that we are part of a biotechnological simulation which is run continuously and eventually repeatedly. We are synchronized with a program in which our experience elevates us to higher and higher levels of consciousness. Our next experience is bound to be a more peaceful and enjoyable existence because of the lessons and experience we have gained in our previous life. Or maybe doomed to repeat or regress if we fail to learn. Sounds far fetched…but would be so cool. Right? Maybe it’s just me.

The simulation argument is nothing new. Math is found in nature and in the cosmos and even our DNA. The further we explore space, the more it expands. The closer we look at atoms, they eventually disappear. Our reality is not within our grasp of understanding. We are either biologically incapable of doing so, or we are not meant to. I am unsure of which. Perhaps it was designed for both to be true. It is a perfect construct in which everything transpires as it is supposed to. The universe doesn’t make mistakes.

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