Daydreams on Modern Pace

Pace- The measure of sustained rapidity with which an action is carried out.

Today’s modern world is experiencing tremendous pace in all spheres of life. The rate of consumption in regards to not only organic materials, but also information, is unrivaled in this day and age. Unlimited data, streams directly to our fingertips. We are hard-wiring ourselves to consume boundless amounts of stimulation at a constant rate. The “internet of everything” continues to press us further into an exponentially mysterious future.

Machine learning, 3D-printing, automated cars: just a few examples of the technological revolution that has only just begun. The compound effect that these advances will have on our existence is immeasurable. We literally cannot fathom what the exponential growth rate of technology will bring about in the next few decades, let alone the coming centuries. The advancements are awe-inspiring, but how much more technology can we possibly need?

Will our human existence fuse with our technology? Has it already? How much faster can we possibly carry out our lives? Instantaneous connectivity puts us in control of our communication, travel, relationships, and exploration at the blink of an eye. Is our universe a simulation? Are we tools of the universe to explore itself in a game of collective self-realization?




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